Hi my name is Oswaldo Vázquez, I'm graphic and web designer. My background is graphic design. I studied in exchange in Valencia Spain, mostly studying editorial design. After that I studied Multimedia Production and most recently I took a course on Stop Motion Animation in VanArts in Vancouver, Canada. I have been working on different kind of projects like: brand, web design, code, illustration. I have a passion for creating all kind of things related with visual arts like type, movies, photo, comics, animation. This is my digital home, it has some of my best works. If you like my style don't hesitate to contact me.

  • - Design in Visual Communication, UdeG Guadalajara Mexico
  • - Multimedia Production, ITESO Guadalajara Mexico
  • - Stopmotion Animation, VanArts Vancouver Canada
  • - Designer at FLSikorsky

  • - Designer at Zurdo

  • - Freelance, more than 1,000 hours registered on Upwork

  • - UX designer at Webonise

  • - Gamification University of Pennsylvania
  • - Projection Mapping, workshop with Chikka
  • - Thinkful Front-end Developer

+1,000 hrs

oDesk worked hours

10 years

Graphic Designer experience

1.06 hours

10k run best time